Flywheel Customers

Flywheel Customers

Dear All Flywheel Customers,


We understand that Flywheel have closed down their business and you may have one of the Glory Star Nebula 15inch tablets that could not be used. We understand your frustration. Flywheel tablets had been using their own firmware and software that is developed by themselves, therefore, Glory Star have NO RIGHTS to support their software/ firmware.


However, as a responsible and understanding company, we greatly feel your lost and loss of support for a great product, and we can only assist you with the limited resources that we have in this matter.


Therefore, the below is the only advice and support that we can provide you. We cannot guarantee that the firmware/ software provided below will work on all Flywheel Tablets, and you will have to take full responsibility after deciding to load or not load the firmware.


1)    Here is the link to the Android 5.1 firmware of the Glory Star Nebula 15.6inch Tablet, it is without google play/ GMS. 

2)    Our standard Android image come with Android 5.1 and does not support google play.

3)    All datas and records inside the tablet will be erased including the Flywheelp APK and relative data.

      No further Android Versions will be provided. 

The model is NEB156, 15.6inch Commercial Tablet 

This is the full series product. 

      Deeply apologize that is all that we can provide. 

      Warmest Regards, 
      Glory Star Support Team.