2.0.4 Update

2.0.4 Update

Sept 22nd, 2020 

Version 2.0.4 Feature Upgrades

2 new features has been added during the bootup process:


1. At the bootup page where it requires to enter the facial recognition license code. A connect to Wi-Fi icon has been added at the upper right corner in order to prevent user from going to Staros to connect to Wi-Fi.


2. Bootup Disclaimer page can now be neglected upon bootup by selecting the “Don’t Show This” bubble on top of I agree.


Display Language
The following display languages has been revised to a more local tone






English has also been revised to a more local tone

Update Tauri 

Beta Version
This has been added for customer who wants to test Tauri application that are still being developed. Once approved by Glorystar, they will receive a access code via email that will enable them to OTA the beta version. However bet version cannot be reverse back and would require to reset the system and upgrade back to newest update to go back to mass production mode.

USB Update
Offline update can be used by plugging in new apk file into USB and once plugged in, it will auto start installation process.


Face detection utilities

Face Detection

Enable – will activate all facial detection feature
Disable – will be the same feature as 1.0.6, device will constant be detecting temperature and will sound alarm when high temperature is detected (set under range)


High Temperature email notification
Besides sending a screenshot to email, email will also indicate a text indicating the temperature value. This is to solve issue when screenshot come back without temperature value when detection was too fast.

Facial detection settings
1. 1:n has been change to Face Search – same feature just different wrong wording
2. Quality control parameters - Light has been auto set as 0, this is to improve mask detection and dark skin detection



Developer Settings


Manual Calibration
A ”please wait loading” notification has been added once the value figure were modified manually. Reason is because the value needs to be in sync with figure inside the heat module.


Auto Calibration (Recommend)
Plug in the number of your body temperature and the device will auto adjust to the most correct emissivity setting according to it. All device with 2.0.3 has already been auto calibrate, but it is the method of calibrate we recommend if customer wants to do another calibration.


Extract data from API
Customer will need to create a URL server for device to send JSON. The API enables users to grab data about temperature detected, pass/failed, mask on or not, device serial number, etc. See documentation for more detail on this feature.


What is the bootup process longer than before?
Device is taking time to sync with heat module making sure that emissivity is the same as calibrated.


Auto Calibration not working?
Do auto calibration in a stable temperature environment when temperature is constant. Do not have a fan near you while doing the calibration.

Do I have to recalibrate sensor if I reset tablet?
Yes, we would recommend to do an auto-calibration to make sure that the temperature is correct.


Do I have to enter a license code every time I do an OTA update or factory reset ?
For OTA update, you do not to have enter license code once the update has been initiated. However factory reset would prompt you back to entering the license code. We are working on future release to prevent this for a more user friendly experience.


Tauri 7 and Tauri 10/156/215 same update method ?
Tauri 7 requires an firmware update that can only be access via local USB update for this version only. Tauri 10/156/215 can be OTA updatable.

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