Tauri 3.2.0  new features and FAQ

Applicable models: TAURI101/156/215

New Features:

1. Star Control
Our remote monitoring platform - Star Control has now been installed which can be activated in the device for cloud monitoring, remote OTA update along with other features. Note that all future OTA will need to be updated through the Star Control and Tauri Cloud platform.

2. Tauri Cloud
Plugin on Star Control - this enable to see all temperature being detected in real time, login staff profile along with many features.

3. Printer Support
Now supports Seiko MP-A20/30/40 printers via bluetooth and GP-3120TU through USB connection

3. Application Switch
Through modifying 3rd party application with codes provided by Glorystar, Tauri can now inter switch between application after temperature scan.

4. Loading Screen
Loading screen with tips and tricks for Tauri replace the existing initializing screen.

5. API change
API data has been changed from JSON to Form-data, additional information has been added:
      1. FACEID
      2. FACE user group
      3. FACE info
      4.Real time image of the scanned individual

Note: This will be a firmware update instead of an individual application update, please see the following on the procedure required to update depending on the application version. 

Upgrading from Tauri 1.0.6 - After OTA need to enter facial recognition license code

Upgrading from Tauri 2.0.4 - Update directly without any changes

Upgrading from Tauri 2.0.5 - After update, go to settings-factory reset tablet

Upgrading from Tauri 3.0.2 - Update directly without any changes

Release Date
Thursday, 26 March 2021, 2:30pm (GMT+8)  through OTA update from existing Tauri device or the above Tauri products that has been shipped after March 26 2021.

Firmware Link
The enclosed attachment contains a link that you can download from for offline updates:


1. I don't have network connection and want to upgrade

You can update with USB thumb drive with the file provided by your representatives, note that you still need to check which version you are updating from.

2. Do I have to sign in to Star Control or Tauri Cloud after the update ?

No, the device can also run in offline mode not to connect with Star Control which can be selected in the Staros menu or during the setup wizard upon first boot up.

3. How to update to 3.2.0 and register a Tauri Cloud Account? 

Sign up an account 

Please click on the following link to signup for a account to start, it is a 90 days free trial account. 


You have must a Glory Star  Tauri tablet for Tauri Cloud to operate on the tablet and the firmware version must support the cloud platform. 

After account created, select PLUGINs in the platform, and it would bring you to the Tauri Cloud page. 

Right firmware on tablet 

You must update firmware and TAURI version to 3.1.6 in order to support the TAURI cloud function.Here below is google drive link to download the firmware which uses USB Flash drive to update. 



It will ask for access to this folder, which we will try to grant as soon as possible. 

After entering into the folder, you can select either

10.1" means 10inch TAURI, 

15.6" means TAURI 15.6inch and 

21.5" means TAURI 21.5inch. 

Please remember to input the correct firmware of the correct size model or else the device might crash.  Below are the instructions. 


Please contact us at support@glorystargroup.com if this does not work or for any questions. 

Limitation on accounts for Trial 

The limitation for the trial account is lock to connected max. upto 10 devices at the same time.You are free to create subordinate accounts to work together to manage those machines and without number limitation on this.  Therefore, you can assign more than 10 people 

under one trial account.