API- RFID reader SDK User Guide ( with demo APK)

API- RFID reader SDK User Guide ( with demo APK)

Introduction The RFID (Radio-Frequency identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) adaptor automatically identify and track objects, persons and conducts access management and mobile payments. 1. Sample Application 2. APK Application

Sample application 1. Due to M1 card is separated to 16 area, 64 Data Block, for every 4th Block the last Data Block is blocked which means no data is allowed to be written on every 4th block. 2. When reading certain block data, as the diagram shows enter data. 3. When writing specific data, enter the data in the third block, click the write NFC button to display write data successfully.

APK Application 1. Import the file : libfwcom.so; lbiFwS3Dll.so; libumf.so -> NFCDemo/libs/armeabi-v7a Reader.jar-> NFCDemo/libs/x86

2. Initialization in MainActivity onCreat()

3. The operation of NFC read from M1 card – read and write data

4. When the NFC is reading the M1 card, it should specify data to relevant data block, and use readM1Data() to display the data to the input box

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